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Freemen on the Land

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Alan Watt

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"In all ages, in all lands, there have been those who seek truth. This seeking is an individual's search for something more than self, and much more than the confines of this worldly system. It is the seeker, who understands there is more than what meets the eye, who is not afraid and makes the choice to go into the unknown."

A course in deprogramming

@ 38 min – transcripts) We are self-maintained slaves through money that we think is natural like gravity, simply because it exists in our time when we live. And that's how easy it is to control us.
We are self-maintained slaves. We're trained for one thing and that's work in a system to produce and consume. Whether you're producing or consuming, with all the sales taxes, you're still paying lots of tax money. That goes back to the elite, of course, who use the money for big projects, which we all supposedly call public projects: big huge projects like building railroads across continents and gas works in Britain and water works and roadways. Then when they have it all working and all the problems ironed out, they sell it to each other for peanuts, you see. That's called progress. And all these schmucks keep doing it.
People watch this down through the centuries in Europe as these huge projects were built up by the taxpayer. We're all working for the common good, the common good and then, gee whiz, one day they tell you we can't go on like this you know. It's too expensive. We need to have more professional people with a motive, a profit motive to take care of us. An incentive to make things work, so they could pick it up for a raffle. And of course, one of the handful of the elite Masonic buddies gets to win it for peanuts.
It's a beautiful world, this road to progress, this destiny of progress.

It's never been defined to the public exactly where you're going, and that's not by chance. Although, it is told you legally through movies and novels and even songs – that's called "predictive programming" – because legally they must tell you what they're doing, and they do all the time in the movies and novels and music.
Plato described the whole technique. Today, we call it a form of indoctrination: "predictive programming". Which means that through fiction or through anything you're enjoying yourself, you're being entertained under cover. Entertain – "tain" comes from tin, the cover. When you're "under the cover", your censor part of your mind is not working. And if that is not working, you're unaware that you're being downloaded like a computer. And so all the little emotional techniques they use, and you're identifying with a hero [...] once you start identifying with the characters, they've got you – because they can take you anywhere, no matter what that character does. Because as long as you identify this much with them, they then can take you that much into where they want you to go emotionally. Therefore, when the real things started happening in your own life, you say, 'this is kind of familiar to me' and you don't object to it, because you're thinking, 'well, I guess it's the only way we could go in society in this particular area. I guess it's a natural evolution,' but then your mind was prepared, because these guys are the shepherds, you know. They've another bunch of slaves and scientists that work for them, who do this mind control business. They farm us, to an extent.

First of all, they know where they want to grow in this field with the crop they want to grow, and how high, and how many. They first prepare the land. They cut the brush. They plow it. They harrow it. They do all the necessary groundwork. Then they sow the seed and watch it grow and cultivate it.
[...] In the last century (the 20th) it was primarily novels and stage plays and music halls et cetera, but today it's in everybody's TV. The one-eyed set, the eye of Lucifer or Ra, you know, the Te-Levi-Zion.
Then they program it right into you for entertainment, and then you see it happening in your life and you think, 'oh, I guess that's okay, it's sort of natural, isn't it,' and you don't think anymore beyond that.
Where did the idea come from in the first place? It's marketed to you through entertainment and that's the prime for reason for entertainment.
It's not for you to sit and have music while you chew the grass like good little sheep, it's to program you.
That's why you have to have big bucks to get into the entertainment industry. You have to pay big bucks and you must be qualified in being a very high degree Mason who knows the scores, as they say, because they can't let any Joe Blow come in. Plato said that thousands of years ago.

"Culture is created from the top and put down to the people."

You're taught it comes from the grass roots, you see, and withers or blossoms, or like weeds that grow – it doesn't. Because they can't allow anything to come from the grass roots, because it's not in their plan.
They never tell the unforetold consequences that the simplest, seemingly innocent thing could possibly do, the rippling effects and what it would affect and so on. Everything comes from the top down in this culture creation business, and it's always been that way in civilization. What normality was, we haven't a clue, prior to the incoming of these characters with their system: the ancient system of money, iconology – you know, priesthoods – and merchandising and rulerships.
Ruler, of course, comes from the "ruler". The ruler they use in school, the ruler. Everything is Masonic terminology. Cane (Cain) is the same thing too. He's a priest, he's also a builder. Cain was the first artificer, the first scientist, who made things with metals and so on, weaponry. You have a ruler. A "cane" is also a ruler. They used to use the canes, the bulrushes, to make rulers in ancient Middle East.
So, they rule us and they measure us, you see. And a good ruler "weighs you in the balance," as they say, and if you're found wanting, he won't have you around because he wants efficiency. And that's where we're going today with pure efficiency, school to work. School to work.

Now when you listen to the elite talking, if you ever mix amongst them, you'll hear them discuss this kind of stuff quite freely. 'Oh, the people need us. The masses, the peasants, the profane, they need us.' It's like saying the mice in the field need that hawk. And so they rationalize this nonsense.
They can never look at themselves honestly, because good psychopaths cannot. They run on ego, super ego. That's why they're psychopaths. And they get their way regardless of the consequences to anyone around them, because they have no empathy for others.
They can work together, as long as they're working towards a common goal and they're always sharing the loot, but the time obviously comes when good psychopaths have to turn on each other. And it will eventually come one day as the throne of the world comes into sight and each one wants his name chiseled in stone, as they always do, these guys: a statue and his name chiseled in stone: 'He's the first king of the whole entire planet.'

The whole structure works through Loyola's royal loyalty

11/23'06 Movie Predictive Programming – The Occultic Connection pt 1 (transcript)
Facebook Philosopher Philip Jonkers: youtube video pt 5 of 6

There is no democracy. There never was. There's only the agenda.
At Loyola University in Louisiana they've had a couple of meetings there, the world science meetings, paid for by the U.S. Department of Commerce, to do with chipping the entire population of the planet, except for the elite of course, and they've put out hundreds of pages on this. [...]
At the first meeting they had, they said that this agenda would be promoted to the public to familiarize them with the idea through novels, through cartoons, movies, et cetera. Well that's already been done. There are movies out now under different guises bringing it to us in different fashions, different ways but always the same conclusion. [...] Now at these meetings they never ever discussed politics. They didn't even mention governments because these characters, these high scientists know that these are just show for the public. They work for the real boys so they speak with authority when they speak and they said, "this will be promoted through these methods, cartoons, movies et cetera and novels" and it's quite easy to do when you look at especially cultural organizations. Interestingly enough, in the Soviet system they had a Department of Culture.
The government had a Department of Culture and when I was growing up I realized we have one in Britain too and Canada's got a Department of Culture. Well, why would you need that?

Well, you need it because their job is to dish out money to certain authors, often with instructions, to build stories around particular ideas. That's how it's done.That's how you guide culture. You can't have any old guy come along with a story not on the script, not on the format and doing his thing and everybody loving it, so that everything is done by grants within the arts industry and high masonry of course. A good Mason never asks why to anything. He immediately must obey the order from a superior and that's how they get ahead in life. All politicians do it. Don't think for a second they don't guess what's going on or it doesn't twig eventually what's going on. They clue in not to ask questions. You're a good boy if you don't ask questions. You just obey. That's how the whole structure works.
[...] In "Devil's Advocate" the movie shows you the nature of man, and there's a lot of good quips in there, where the devil, who has the biggest law firm in New York, talks to a guy who doesn't know that he's actually the son of the devil, who's being trained to take over, and he tells him how they're taking the world over. He said it's by turning out armies of lawyers, millions of them. Millions and millions of lawyers. It's through law that you're manacled, and you can't move, and you can't speak. It's all through law. Law is a wall around your mind.

[...] There's always the revelation of the method, for those who are wise enough to see and hear it.
There's always, always an exposé of how it's done and why it's done, for those who can hear and see. It's built like The Globe Theatre as I say that was built for the Shakespearian plays. It wasn't called "The Globe" for nothing. The globe, the world, where the stage went down into the audience and in those days they brought in audience participation. They made you get involved in the story and many people got carried away with the drama and thought it was all real. And when that happens the actors know they're convincing, that it's working. When the audience forgets they're watching a fake, they're watching an act, then the actors are doing their job and it's getting across to the people that are convinced, because now you've inserted into their minds the possibility that whatever you're showing them can be real or is real and you've actually changed them. The alchemical change. You've changed them. You've cast a spell upon them. That's how it's done.

In the esoteric traditions the stage became a microcosm of the microcosm where all knowledge (which is true) is stored within the person, but it's also the person is a miniature of the entire universe. Everything that's out there is contained within. That's part of the religion of the esoteric occultic groups at the top. [...]

pt 6 of 6) The inheritors of these sciences are still working at it today, unbeknownst to the public, and they have total control of the one thing which makes the world go around. It's called money.
Now what was here before, the idea or money? Or did they come together with the same idea?
Well, you can bet your bottom dollar because you can go back to ancient times and find out that this mystery religion was on the go thousands of years ago, and using money to get its way, and conquering people, and forcing them to use money to get them in the system. Once you have it all done worldwide, it is your system. Everyone's trained to earn money and above everything in the system is this system called "economics".
Is it there to serve us, or are we there to serve it?
[...] The science of how our minds work and how our minds can be manipulated throughout our whole lives, a science kept to a few that put Freud in the kindergarten category and one can only read the ancient Greek philosophers to get a whiff of that because they were way, way beyond Freud with their techniques.
As I say, this is a big, big topic to go into and I'd rather have done a worked out series rather than just a spontaneous blurb, but there are so many things to do at the moment. So many things to be done and time is getting short for everyone as we race along to totalitarianism, which is all around us now, at least in law, and the mechanisms to enforce it are all up and ready. It's not a pretty thing to contemplate but we must look at what is there in order to come through. And in all ages there have been a few who come through, a few with memory. And memory is very important, very important.

pt 1 of 6) What is predictive programming?

"Hollywood is the magician's wand (holly-holy) which has been used to cast a spell on the unsuspecting public. Things or ideas which would otherwise be seen as bizarre, vulgar, undesirable or impossible are inserted into films in the realm of fantasy. When the viewer watches these films, his/her mind is left open to suggestion and the conditioning process begins.
These same movies which are designed to program the average person, can give the discerning viewer a better understanding of the workings and the plan of the world agenda."

predictive programming = the power of suggestion using the media of fiction to create a desired outcome

Examples for Hollywood Programming:

V for Vendetta (2005)
Equilibrium (2003)
Code 46 (2003)
Minority Report (2002)
Gattaca (1997)

January 20, 2011

The best lies contain the most truth

Marc Stevens

If you consider yourself a citizen of the United States of America, or of any other country, you should not watch this video until you have mentally prepared yourself to have everything you believe in challenged. You have been warned.
What if everything you believed in turned out to be just a set of delusions programmed into you from early childhood? How would you react upon learning this? Most people will go into denial and get very highly emotional, even to the point of violence. You are probably no exception.

Marc Stevens, the guy who rips your reality from you: Delusions

On the Knoll – Adventures in Legal Land
@51min) Like I say, anything done under the guise of consent can be done by consent. And really, the only ... I always urge people: go in or buy the movie A Bug's Life because it's not a children's video. It graphically demonstrates the government fraud. It's an exellent video or cartoon and it describes to the key what we have been talking about. [...] The solution is simple, is withdraw your participation as far as you can. I wouldn't vote. I would never register to vote because it's giving legitimacy to a gang of killers, thiefs and liars. I would pull my kids out of public school. If I had to pay taxes, I () right on there on the protest. And whatever could be done to withdraw legitimacy ... I mean, could you just imagine if people just didn't help them? They don't oppose them in any way, they just didn't help them anymore: 'Oh, you think you have a right to control my life and property without my consent? Oh, then you certainly don't need my help. If you don't need my permission, you don't need my help.' Can you imagine how the traffic system would function if nobody helped them? [...] Fighting them is not effective because that just gives them legitimacy: 'Well, we have to protect other people the more you fight and picking up guns and going after these people.' They have more guns, and that gives them legitimacy. But: What do they fear the most? And that is: Their perception of legitimacy. You know, people go on: 'We've gotta go back to the Constitution!' No. That's the problem. Your problem is that you're giving legitimacy to a gang of killers, thiefs and liars, and whenever you look at the Constitution, or whenever you accept the 'Oh, it's just a few bad apples, it's we can just pull this guy out, everything would be perfect!' No. If you stop accepting this religion called politics. Clear your mind of it! I mean, hey, I left the Catholic Church and, unlike the way it used to be, they are not sending the Jesuits out to murder me where I stand.

Adventures in Legal Land, where black is white and white is black and other shocking discoveries from America's courtrooms

Free State Project

Center for a Stateless Society

Drug war is a scam


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