January 20, 2011

The best lies contain the most truth

Marc Stevens

If you consider yourself a citizen of the United States of America, or of any other country, you should not watch this video until you have mentally prepared yourself to have everything you believe in challenged. You have been warned.
What if everything you believed in turned out to be just a set of delusions programmed into you from early childhood? How would you react upon learning this? Most people will go into denial and get very highly emotional, even to the point of violence. You are probably no exception.

Marc Stevens, the guy who rips your reality from you: Delusions

On the Knoll – Adventures in Legal Land
@51min) Like I say, anything done under the guise of consent can be done by consent. And really, the only ... I always urge people: go in or buy the movie A Bug's Life because it's not a children's video. It graphically demonstrates the government fraud. It's an exellent video or cartoon and it describes to the key what we have been talking about. [...] The solution is simple, is withdraw your participation as far as you can. I wouldn't vote. I would never register to vote because it's giving legitimacy to a gang of killers, thiefs and liars. I would pull my kids out of public school. If I had to pay taxes, I () right on there on the protest. And whatever could be done to withdraw legitimacy ... I mean, could you just imagine if people just didn't help them? They don't oppose them in any way, they just didn't help them anymore: 'Oh, you think you have a right to control my life and property without my consent? Oh, then you certainly don't need my help. If you don't need my permission, you don't need my help.' Can you imagine how the traffic system would function if nobody helped them? [...] Fighting them is not effective because that just gives them legitimacy: 'Well, we have to protect other people the more you fight and picking up guns and going after these people.' They have more guns, and that gives them legitimacy. But: What do they fear the most? And that is: Their perception of legitimacy. You know, people go on: 'We've gotta go back to the Constitution!' No. That's the problem. Your problem is that you're giving legitimacy to a gang of killers, thiefs and liars, and whenever you look at the Constitution, or whenever you accept the 'Oh, it's just a few bad apples, it's we can just pull this guy out, everything would be perfect!' No. If you stop accepting this religion called politics. Clear your mind of it! I mean, hey, I left the Catholic Church and, unlike the way it used to be, they are not sending the Jesuits out to murder me where I stand.

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